Friday, 23 April 2010

More pages...

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Thursday, 22 April 2010

A sky free of planes

A problem in setting myself regimes when I am creating this graphic novel equals in me balking like a reprimanded child. I have never responded well to being pressurised (unless it is the kind of pressure when doing a job), I find I have to manage my own pressure on myself, and not be too much of an idiot to me.
All I wanted to do today is go running in this sunny spring my local recreational park where I had to stop and have a chat with the Daff's too, who said what a difference it made to the atmosphere when the planes weren't in the sky (even with the volcano cloud...just the earth having a bit of wind) they were breathing normally once more, they said..!

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Also, an end of first episode three page trailer that goes at the end of the book for what is to come in the next exciting episodes...(pretty much done...), and a synopsis too (a short punchy one and a long one)...onward...

Caption:...(can't resist...usually for my eyes only in the studio)..."Darling girl, she will lick no ones arse but her own".

At this stage I feel it apt to pay homage to my cat Snuggrand.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Last few miles

Just when I think I am nearly finished...disaster strikes! Touching up with photoshop is a perfectionists trap, you get caught up in detail. I have to accept again that this will take me a little longer than I originally thought. I need April, one last mile to make me totally happy with it. Then I can hold a finished book in my hand. 38 sides all together for the first episode...40 with first and end page...around 20 pages. On I go...

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Stories Aperitif...Little'ns please!

I started reading Raymond Carver short stories last night, and I am humbled by how real his writing is, there is absolutely no pretence or obligation to please an audience what so ever, he is a writer who captures the essence of how people really communicate. A brave truth.
A few days go by and now, I am actually thinking, do I like Raymond Carver? I get this when I am blown away by something...I kind of get angry. Anger mainly for the countless missed opportunities before this new thing comes into town, and how isolated it is amongst the rest of it's "competitors". That's how it works I guess.
I can't spare the energy for large novels right now because of the focus I am channelling into my graphic novel....Audrey Niffenegger's Time Traveler's Wife is still waiting on my shelf...time will tell when I get the chance to read her fabled prose...I want to read it with someone.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Hello Daff's! Mi' old mates!

What would we do without the winters dark gestation's?...
The daffodils are out once again.
Though I still feel they are towering above me as I wonder through the undergrowth...I know that soon, I can stand somewhere open, where I can behold a sea of them.

The End...(well of drawing...the 1st Episode)

I have just been sent a photo taken of me, by one of my studio colleagues, at the moment it struck me I had finished (drawing) the first episode of Domestic Bliss...Woop Woop!

Finitto Binitto! On the start of the month for fools...(well, I have to do page numbers at the bottom...around an hour of work) and it is good Friday today...a very good Friday.

Celebration drinks were had last night with some of my studio colleagues, seven of us in total. This 1st episode was made easier to get off the ground with their calm presence, gentle encouragement, their experience, the cups of tea, the chocolate bar runs and general good company...a sacred seven...perfect conditions for this sapling...a tear! (I reckon I am on This is your Life, I know, but that's the stuff of stories...little grand moments I call them). Cutting through that raw edge of is absolutely terrifying, like being blindfolded and pushed off (the person pushing is another me) an alternative grand canyon situated on the far side of the moon...or just a feeling of being like that little yellow Canary in the might pass out at any moment from a harsh and noxious gas. But it is the only thing that feels real, right now.
Next...Scanning...icing on the cake! But...I am going to chill for the Easter break with my fiance Andrew.