Monday, 3 March 2014

Leica commission and AOI support

This is the front of a brochure I have just been sent, commissioned for a client campaign: Leica Microsystems. This is one of my first big commissions  as an illustrator. After seeing some of my illustrations in the AOI images 35 catalogue, the commissioning agency: Learner Adams Bones invited me to their offices to show them some more of my work. 

Following discussions about variations of an idea of tree roots; and some from my graphic novel sequences, Ed Bones came up with the final concepts and I received some great micro direction from Lucy Pyne and the team whilst drawing the whole set which took under a month during February last year. There are many more variations of the root system inside the brochure. I am just going to show the front cover here on the blog.

Without associations like the AOI, illustrators can be at sea, I am pleased to have had their support over the last year of membership especially seeing me through the period of a commission, they have been making massive changes and developments to their services.

So nice to see it all finished, a great job!

Parallax in February 2014

I was initially invited to be part of Parallax last October '13 after Chris Barlow (an art historian) got in touch with me and said that he had seen my illustration work on the AOI portfolios. 

I was glad to be asked to be part of Parallax again in February, it was good to be among such a range of artists; a Spanish sculptress, a Spanish painter, a Swedish painter, a Jeweller, a Japanese artist who makes beautiful lamps using a very old Bizen style pottery, a sculptor from the Netherlands, some great print makers...the list is long. There was a good spirit and I think the whole event with it's new affordable format for artists to get out there could really take off. The private view was packed full and I have never felt so hot in my life, really great to catch up with some professional friends who I am thankful to for making it along.

I enjoyed introducing people to my work over the three days, it was a buzz to talk about it now that I have presented a fuller scope of the whole Domestic Bliss Graphic Novel series. I exhibited originals and also sketch book narrative as well as copy's of episode one and two, I made a few sales too.