Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Domestic Bliss series on a Comic Con tour in the US of A

Since her cosy launch in February at The Poetry Cafe where it was great to have the room filled with interest and the book selling so well. Prints from the books are available here.

I didn't get any photos, apart from ones of Andrew, my husband and I preparing for it.

She is now on tour in the STATES, having a good sniff about...

Here she is among other comics on the 'Fanfare Ponentmon' stand at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts Festival (MoCCA). After looking around at comic book publishers, it seems the work Ponentmon produce is a little more pithy and shows more intrigue and thoughtful usage of the genre.

I was given a copy of one particular publication by Stephen Robson; it's founder, when we met this year in February at The London Super Comic Con; it is called 'Farm 54' and is about a Jewish brother and sister, it can be seen among all the comic stock in the photos below. To be honest, I am still half way through reading it; halting on reading any further until I myself cross the rather perilous central episodes of Domestic Bliss (3 & 4). She is plotted, not drafted and (of course I don't fear) that she might sag in the middle like a cake lacking the right flour balance, I must get the suspension tight. Two episodes of tight rope walking and there is no going back...

Leaving the Super Con's and arriving...at...

Stephen Vrattos, the New York partner for Ponentmon, behind the table.

At MoCCA in New York.

Then a nice review, thanks to Philip Skurski:

"This book's got style"...click here.

Between, in late April, she stopped off at an idependent comic fair: The Illustrato.rs Art Expo at The Mall Galleries, held by the education department. 
On the front line, the tables stood in a horse shoe shape, looking outward towards fine art work created by up and coming university leavers. I found out about this event from my mother. 
It is in it's first year and a well devised way of delivering work happening in multiple stages, both educationally, artistically and on the peripheries commercially. I liked it, it was classy and very well organised, and it was good to get some feedback up front. A new one to remember for the diary.

Then it was Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), on the calender, where she sold out!
Again, among other books from Fanfare and Ponentmon stock.

There she is nestled in there!

On she goes...

Domestic Bliss series review...

"This book's got style...click here for the review

Domestic Bliss graphic novel series online print gallery

Bliss has sprouted off to a new gallery online...

The Hedgehog Show

What a thunderous new Hedgehog trailer...

I created this Hedgehog series in 2006. Any retailers interested in ordering some Hedgehog cards from me, please get in touch directly: scene@gwenturner.co.uk

Copyright: Gwen Linnell Turner

OUCH! is nicely generating a new service and will draw you just about anything for Birthday, Wedding, Fathers & Mothers day cards, as well as all other important days. The result? A hand mounted originally drawn piece that can live on in a frame, (and only for an extra special particular treat if it is for a child). To compliment this service, OUCH! will illustrate invite sets, designed especially for the desired event, whether it be party or wedding...click for link.

Please view the link to the 'simple varied' section of my site too, which is good for other examples of a loose style that is really nice for gift cards, invites and bespoke commissions for individuals; click here.

I have recently looked into creative bar coding, to brand the images that I put online, so that they are not "orphaned"...for example, just floating around on cyber space so that anyone can just copy or use it. For me to brand my images, I have to pay £95 per year, and I would need to be making a better living than I currently do, to be able to justify that. There are domain costs first off for having an online portfolio website. I can also brand (for no cost) to say that other parties are fee to use the image, so I give permission regarding my drawing. This is the article I read for interest: click here.

Firstly, I can't see any long term benefit in taking an image that you didn't produce yourself, and the idea that one is well within ones rights to do so if the producer of the art work has not taken precautions to state it being unavailable. This is just granted.

If I create an image, it is my intellectual property and a way that I use to express something. I have so far used a monogram or signature at the bottom right or left corner, I think it is more stylish and unique, the bar code looks ugly. 

Let's see how this bar code thing goes, it is important to think of ways of making these definitions especially when there is so much placing of imagery online. "Upholding the value of creativity".

For Bliss, it seems like a long time ago, since I first thought her up, how could I put a bar code on this little drawing? Would you want to take it, print it, and what...put it on your wall without any interaction with the artist? It would be crap quality if you did! I guess it is more a case of how and when I place stuff online, and with what association, on my part. 

I can't find the original to this baby, I only have a photo copy anyway...(Boo Hoo). So here is a low-res scan of a photocopy:

My girl, who I drew in 2006, because I love her and I want to share her...

As I begin to get more commissions, I would be wary anyway about what I decide to post online. I am tending to post a small aspect of something much larger, like what I have been doing with the strips etc or, just not worry, if you want to take it, copy it, go ahead! In five years time, it will feel naughty and bad and rude. 

It isn't that much fun putting stuff online anyway because the point is, that it is so nice to see people smile, or hear them laugh, and I can't achieve that. I can every once in a while, when I just feel like spreading the muse.

Some of the things people want me to draw, now that I am doing original cards through OUCH! goodness gracious, it's fun. Basically, it is just much nicer to make a connection with someone. I can do quick ones like "cute rabbits sitting in Johnny's new blue BMW", "Cathy wearing her favourite red shoes", or "Jenny in her new ballet dress"... or "a Polar Bear confessing being 'Bi' in every kind of way"...that kind of stuff.

I negotiate with you via e-mail, draw up the goods, request PayPal payment and then put it in the post and it is with you the next day. That is why not being able to hear you laugh or cry when I post something up here; all becomes much more worth while.

Gorgeous fresh drawings just how you want them, GIVE ME MORE TO DRAW! They are reasonable, it all depends on how much time I need to spend, the one above would be a very viable example. I have a lowest rate of course, otherwise I'd be spending my earnings on the envelope, stamp and post office walk. Let's see, message me. It is SO groovy.

Oh, and I can do a fine portrait. For this, I like to meet, though I can work with a photo if you prefer.

OUCH! Summer Sale

Summer 2013, OUCH! has simply stripped OFF! 

Check out some thoroughly reasonable prices over at the online pad

This marks a shift over to "OUCH! strips" where I added the title with the four guys shouting OUCH!...I forgot, before when they were on the shop, they were all gummy...they actually have teeth now.


After...click here... to get the whole hog strip over @ OUCH! strips...

Gas Tower screen print

I love this image it is sublime (also known as the Industrial Halo). I no longer have any more left of the best ones of this print edition. I have some, though they are not as crisp, even splodgy, yet I think splodgy is nice too. Here is a good example of one in situ.

The Gas Tower Image has enjoyed life as a screen print short series made in 2006. The initial photo of a Gas Tower was taken on 2001 at Kings Cross, where quite a few of these (I feel) majestic Victorian structures were still standing, dotted about, rising out of the ground like bold yet fragile Halos. The photo was used to paint a backdrop for a youth theatre production that I designed: Electric Halos, written by Helen Adams performed at The Blue Elephant Theatre, produced by Antonio Ribeiro.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Inaugural Open Studios in September 2013

I shall be opening the studios for the first time during the month of September this year. I will present some of the produce from OUCH! and new print editions from the Domestic Bliss series which has branched off, though still promoted by OUCH! online.

I shall present a wider collection of prints and drawings too, from where I work in the summer house and down' pit (the winter cellar).

I'd love to catch up with you, I'll stick the kettle on and get the Bourbon biscuits out too!

Here's a flyer with the dates, and address, 
I shall open on Fridays and go over weekends, call me to say what day and rough time and I can make sure the biscuit tin is full; 0208 533 3954...

Book an appointment: Tel: 0208 533 3954