Friday, 13 September 2013

Open studio discounts

OUCH! offers 10% discounts on items at the inaugural open studios this year, for example the hedgehog card series; available individually and as bundles.

The open studios offer a chance to have a chat, which often makes it  easier when it comes to requests, good deals, commissioning, quotes and ideas bouncing.

I am presenting many original works that don't get seen anywhere (yet), so this month provides a unique opportunity. 

I was even thinking of having a 'ceremonial work burning party' as an excuse for a piss up, because I have so much stuff. So catch the need to rid myself of it reasonably while it lasts!


The Domestic Bliss Series at Gwyl Lyfrau Penfro Book Festival in Pembrokeshire

The Domestic Bliss series is now being prestented among other titles from Seaways Bookshop, this weekend in Pembrokeshire at the Rhosygilwen book festival, an event that celebrates welsh authors.

I spend gorgious 'end of summer days' in Wales most years. Following the success of the seafaring hedgehog gift cards that continue to sell out at Seaways (Fishguard), and with Bliss' debut on their book shelves; she now wonders to wider pastures. 

Thanks to family and comrades out in the wildes of Pembrokeshire. Here's the link:

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Originally drawn birthday card

A professional friend of mine and Andrew's has kindly said that it is alright for me to showcase her card as an example for my originally drawn birthday card service.

Andrew and I know Cindy Oswin through Scarlet Theatre company. I saw a wonderful production of theirs at The Edinburgh Fringe in 2001; Love & Other Fairy Tales.

I got the idea for this card from their publicity material; an image of the lady herself playing the wife of Bath, which I adapted to suite a rather grand Birthday.

I use a 10x10cm backed window to place the illustration in an A5 recycled Fabriano card.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013