Monday, 3 May 2010

Final touches

Last tweaking, printing and production for May/June, and developing a show-the-world-strategy. Launching the series first after setting up my own publishing company then just carrying on with it really, but on a less high octane, now or never, first baby kind of level. It will gain in value in terms of the whole story, as the episodes are gradually completed over time, and I am confident about it's own self fulfilment for now.
I printed the first draft the other day which was monumentally satisfying. I showed it to a photographer I have worked with (it was still hot) and he was the bearer of good tidings. His objective eye was much needed, it is like I have just crawled out from beneath a rock and the sun is hurting my eyes. I really can't look at it for a while, it is like it has become part of my leg or something...far too close, (veering away from the healthy side of work and more towards Van Gogh cutting his ear off type territory...) I think it is important to let it sit for a while, as it is just out of the oven, oohh aahh, hot, ouch!

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