Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fall (and professional Illustrators now)

Trees are now stripped bare of their leaves, all has fallen away. My drawing board calls me...a welcoming recreation for hibernation this year, but...procrastinations..."Procrastination across de' Nation"!!!
There isn't even an exciting swell in winter, hence the need for festivities, you have to summon it up from various withering resources...those hopeless trees do not inspire, I shall look away...toward...a blank page! I have to stoke up that fire inside, yes Camus... "that invincible summer within".
Some lovely encouraging sales going on though, I love it that commerce ignores the seasons at times like these....I am now back at my studio at home and no longer hiring the space I had been working in and sharing the warmth and good company of professional illustrator comrades through the winter hours, with many a cup of hot tea. ((Some of these Illustrators have been working freelance in Clerkenwell at the hired studios (The Drawing Room and The Courtyard) for over 25 years; when, I add, the humble post was still the major method of correspondence. The Mount Pleasant central postal sorting offices reside just round the corner. I was introduced to the place by a colleague (Clayton Junior) who I had met during the first year of my M.A. studies and whom also hires a space there. My time there was a period to complete a challenging stage of work where momentum could easily just drop; and a very steep learning curve, (insert: 31st Dec 2012)). May the forces be with me in getting through a possible back-draft in the next few months as I try to find my own balance at my home studios.

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