Monday, 7 February 2011

The Comic Trade Fair...worth a shot...

Having not a load of experience with these comic conventions...there was a massive range of stuff...super hero's, war, zombies, films, stickers...etc, there were loads of customers; devoted collectors who come out in droves to such events (proper hardcore comic-con!). 

(Insert June 12th, 2011: This convention seems to be a kind of comic antiques market, important, I think, to regard such events as an integral part of the whole sequential art matrix. I was informed by one of the traders that 'Kapow' is host to the current climate of comics. Andrew and I also took a trip to the 'MCM Comic Expo' this May...,current yes, but where the small beginnings of the independent comic artist may be in danger of drowning. I bought the latest 'Tpcat' illustrated comic: 'The Most Difficult Task' from representative Tom McNally, (a Biologist and also it's writer). I also discovered: Howard Hardiman's comic series 'The Lengths', and bought the first episode). 

I was sat amongst it all like a fish out of water, with my peaceful graphic novel about a lost cat and her elderly owners. It seems that Bliss is forever set to cross thresholds (which she does throughout the story). It hasn't ever been the comic itself I have an interest in, but the way it's format offers such a diverse way of creating a story....and of course, a feast of drawing! I didn't feel unwelcome though, so I still hold out hope of perhaps a currently inappropriate event, in the future being peopled with other strays like myself. I like putting myself in situations out of the ordinary and it was a really interesting experience. I sold a few copies of my graphic novel, which to begin with, I had not expected to do... Here are some pics of our motley group. My mother (Judy Linnell) offered vital endorsement...she is well practiced from years of art fairs, shows and the like.

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