Sunday, 17 July 2011

New online portfolio...

I have had some changes made to my website recently, and taken away all the past theatre examples; it is now purely a portfolio of my illustration work. Again...only in retrospect do I realise how helpful it was to air the theatre / Creative Partnerships educational work from previous years; online for a certain and relatively brief period of time; helpful for me and everyone. The reason why they had a brief stint is due to the data protection of the individuals and young people in the photographs, good for an inspiring boost but I would have to seek permission from each party in order to show them online.

There are some additional new illustration pieces in the simple-varied section, click here for a peek...

I am showing one of my theatre design commissions here on this website.
(29th July...retrospectives): The Miracle is a play (by Lin Coghlan) about a series of strange but profound events that take place amongst the community of a supposedly insignificant satellite town...
Designing The Miracle at Watford Palace (close to where I grew up), was like a rewarding tip of the ice-burg to some considerable years of feeling around in London within the sub-levels of cultural existence; an invention that has to be right, this show made me shiver as though something had been expelled. The show was performed for three nights (a common schedule for youth theatre).
I remain very proud of the work created by those involved in this production, it felt good to take leave for other re-inventions on such a high note. (It has been such an experience working with different directors on many new writing projects, I am so fuelled by it).

Fish puppet: two were made to be operated together during the play.

(The puppet's head comprises of two Balti dishes and a couple of small sieves).