Sunday, 6 November 2011

To Master

As may be expected; my inertia-ridden, tantrum throwing revolts subsided when I journeyed (as I often do) into the world of Jean Giraud Moebius. All the while, through the end of October I was thinking as I drew in my studio "What about my hand?...It's gonna fall off!" 

The days are getting dark as early as 4.30pm. 

I may not need to explain any further why, after having studied this illustration, I felt like a spoilt child.

Here is a link to see a larger version...

It is an enchanting drawing, and could even put some of the old masters more on their tippy toes...(and this one is still alive). A drawing like this almost lets you breathe more.

A humbled Gwen returned, tail between legs, to her Roald Dahl-esque shed at the bottom of the garden.

Note: Some images, like this one, that I re-elaborate on this blog, have been shared with the full intention to spread further awareness of something I believe to be good, and of value. Although I have not sought consent of it's origins, I hope that this is acknowledged with respect; it was found on google image search and was already published on-line at the URL link, and before that, I do not know where it was found. With thanks.