Tuesday, 1 May 2012

OUCH! Wrapped! (Official Online Launch)

It would be preferable to send individual parchment notices to the world, sealed with wax, delivered by personal carrier pigeon or shout…Oh yay, it's the Town Crierwith reminders for..."
The formal Launch of OUCH! Online, at this link: http://www.ouch.bigcartel.com/products

But this blog will suffice. 

I wonder how I got through the last few years as I nurture my new vegetable patch out in the garden!

Following examples set, and gentle feedback from loved ones, friends, various individuals and customers during the fledgling year of OUCH! Online, I am pleased to introduce the new spring enhancements, (amongst others)...Wrapping! 

(Around this time last year)...2011 has been an incredibly helpful year of airing the collection this far, so strengthening it’s identity...We can safely wrap this one up.

I hope you will continue to be such a vital asset to its further development and growth.

Why not, we are now on TWITTER!

Thanks, from...

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