Friday, 15 March 2013

The Domestic Bliss series and beyond...

The launch of Domestic Bliss, Brave Encounters was fabulous! Thank you to those who were able to come, it was so good to see people's faces looking at the work.

For anyone who couldn't come, there are pdfs of both episodes to view over the weekend until midnight Sunday 17th, go to 'Google Drive'
(User: Password: heyprestorabbit). (Also, remember to log out of your own google account first if you have one).

If you would like a hard copy of the second episode, it is now for sale on-line until summer, at this link.

Both episodes of Bliss will be available as pdfs and printed copies within the next few weeks. Further episodes will be published in e-book format and print on demand until the end of the series, when it will be printed as a complete epic and a 'Cinebook' for e-books. 

I shall exhibit select pages and will also be making them available as prints at original A3 size; any favourites, let me know the page number and I can shuffle the ones to go to print. Click here to see the new gallery.

Bliss will be in New York on the 6th and 7th April as part of The 2013 MoCCA Arts Festival.

She will also be at Kendal in October for the inaugural Lakes International Art Festival.

Thanks everyone, she's well on her way!

(Banana and coffee, lovely!)

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