Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Gas Tower screen print

I love this image it is sublime (also known as the Industrial Halo). I no longer have any more left of the best ones of this print edition. I have some, though they are not as crisp, even splodgy, yet I think splodgy is nice too. Here is a good example of one in situ.

The Gas Tower Image has enjoyed life as a screen print short series made in 2006. The initial photo of a Gas Tower was taken on 2001 at Kings Cross, where quite a few of these (I feel) majestic Victorian structures were still standing, dotted about, rising out of the ground like bold yet fragile Halos. The photo was used to paint a backdrop for a youth theatre production that I designed: Electric Halos, written by Helen Adams performed at The Blue Elephant Theatre, produced by Antonio Ribeiro.

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