Monday, 3 March 2014

Leica commission and AOI support

This is the front of a brochure I have just been sent, commissioned for a client campaign: Leica Microsystems. This is one of my first big commissions  as an illustrator. After seeing some of my illustrations in the AOI images 35 catalogue, the commissioning agency: Learner Adams Bones invited me to their offices to show them some more of my work. 

Following discussions about variations of an idea of tree roots; and some from my graphic novel sequences, Ed Bones came up with the final concepts and I received some great micro direction from Lucy Pyne and the team whilst drawing the whole set which took under a month during February last year. There are many more variations of the root system inside the brochure. I am just going to show the front cover here on the blog.

Without associations like the AOI, illustrators can be at sea, I am pleased to have had their support over the last year of membership especially seeing me through the period of a commission, they have been making massive changes and developments to their services.

So nice to see it all finished, a great job!

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