Monday, 5 September 2011

Domestic Bliss...The Magnum Graphic Opus!

Today, I have gathered some aims. First off, I write this in mind of the lovely people out there who have purchased a copy of Domestic Bliss...we were all left with quite a cliff hanger! 

Will Bliss survive through her first few hair raising hurdles now that she has been left alone in the dark wild forest with nothing but fence-hopping amidst urban back gardens as her credential? She can be quick yes...but we hope not dead. What of the Hobnobs?...How can they cope without their cat in that big modern city? Will they be able to face their dark past now they don't have their pet for distraction?

When I produced the first episode of Domestic Bliss, it was quite high octane, as I was continuing pretty much straight from my M.A. which was intense. I had ignored some other very important things happening in my life, so that I could get the first episode done and flying, life's beginning to peel together somewhat, and only now do I get the benefit of hindsight. I had some confidence and pacing issues last winter, and unnecessary urgency which was destroying my relationship with the characters and the whole project. I had shifted studios and the many shifts took their toll more than expected. It is my first graphic novel, and a joy to learn about how one tackles all the different aspects of its creation let alone the marketing side.

It would be a good idea for me to explain some aims...I was a little myopic during it's launch which I forgive myself for. Vision sees it as unfolding; it's a case of getting the ball rolling and I had kind of imagined a bit of a recession of energies after Hatching the series. This has become a pattern; creations move around on the stove from front burner to back, because once new, it is quite vulnerable and I don't yet have appropriate objectivity. In the meantime I was able to Hatch a more matured project like OUCH!

My mission statement was that Bliss be a pleasure to create in my own time, and to tide over those gaps where one finds ones self in the freelance world ((Insert: 07.01.2012) this may change, though at this stage I won't predict). That has certainly been the case during this summers journey's with her. I might have found that honeymoon feel again. I aim to focus on pages for the next trailer through the winter, which will then involve collaboration. (My aims of getting episode 2 done by now have gone deep down the pan). I am considering a mixture of publishing options for the next one...perhaps print on demand for a while until I get the third...then fourth rolling etc, etc...they can then be priced a little more cheaply too, ((Insert: 07.01.2012) I predict that there will be between 5-7 episodes in total). The beauty of comics is their versatility and freedom. It has become a tendency of mine to work in seven year should all turn into a large snowball, and...ROLL!

(As part of her extended launch phase) she is going to get some decent exposure now that a collection of four of the artworks including the front cover has just been published in The Association of Illustrators Annual catalogue: Images 35.

To see all pictures at their larger original size, click on the image once for the light-box.