Wednesday, 1 February 2012

His and His...

I had an idea recently; for there to be a 'friends day'. There seems to be one serious loop-hole here. 

It is a heavy task to make an effect  on the traditions already in place; of Mothers day, Fathers day...Valentines day, which have been going on ever since...well when retail assumed it's own worship I guess...(I must research this, as I only speak from my own cultural roots...'friends day' would be global).

With social networks and 'global communication' which have the capacity to melt down so easily between friends, a 'marked' day when people make a special point to let one another know of their fondness would be total! 
I guess Christmas does this...though heavily bent on the family and one religion...(who knows if friends sending cards and gifts are desperately trying to forgive...or be forgiven!)
Birthdays...well, they are special but are not one united day.
However commercialised they become, these institutions do enhance and celebrate their importance.

I love my friends!

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Last but by no means least...take a look!