Saturday, 26 October 2013

Moebius, Venecia Flotante

I feel I am in need some reflection time for this flurried year of 2013. I have learnt so much. 

For my contemplation I turn once more to Moebius. I found this picture on a blog about five years ago and I have had it on the desktop of my computer ever since. 

I kept finding clues when Andy and I were in Venice this time last year for our honeymoon. I was pleased to find an actual print hung on the wall of a second hand book store (Marco Polo), located near the famous Rialto bridge in Castello, it was similar to this picture and also depicts another little character who looks like a Doge from way back in the 13th century. The pictures he drew are of a Venice seen in the 1970's by our dear Moebius. I saw the place for the first time last year and was captivated. 

Something that Moebius manages so well here, is to make Venice and this passage under the Bridge of Sighs look like it is on Mars or something. Several passages to choose from and I feel that I am going to go right under the bridge with that little guy.

Venice reminds one so starkly, how we all discover things in our own way. It's churches provide a network of quiet retreats away from the layers of tourists that wash through the place. 

Boats full of people smiling and amazed.

Here's the reference:

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