Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Open studio debrief

That doesn't mean anything to do with removing briefs although OUCH! has been known to produce the most brilliant pants, (though they have gone back into development regarding the materials, and no, they won't be knitted next time). Some early blog readers might remember them, there are some images way in the depths of this blog). I started the prices high in the spirit of "The F**K It Way" (yes, it currently exists, google it). Since, there has been a lot of industry action that has helped me to level it.

Hackney, the home of OUCH! and myself is becoming rather exciting regarding loads of new cafes and restaurants and cinemas etc. I was over at Chatsworth road doing some fliering and I noticed a restaurant with some of Simone Lia's work on the walls. She is an illustrator based in London and after looking at her blog recently, and also remembering a talk she gave on my Masters degree, I found the particular part about her new Fluffy postcards useful. I bought and read Fluffy a couple of years ago and feel it is something that must be savoured for a while.

It has been a meandering balancing act between a triad of 'business head', 'sensitive artist' and my own labour circumstances. So the OUCH! online prices are now settling, and gearing onward toward the new bespoke service of hand drawn originals. After a lot of 'Compairing de' Meercat' and my own plan of action over the next several years, little hog nearly turned into a marsupial forever.

The open studio has been a good period to get a lot settled and I think the appointment system will work well for next year. Also, it would be great to get a whole network of open studios, like a trail or something...with an illustrated map of check points.

Bliss is parked for a while, the poor creature is up shit creek. My nerves need the calming balsam of a smaller story I have been working on. I can describe it as the 'Dewberry Five Oils' (google it)...of stories. 

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