Saturday, 26 October 2013

Turned to Stone

Goodnight October...

When Andrew and I were in Venice this time last year for our honeymoon, I was hypnotised by this sculpture. If only I could recapture my innocent approach, as we had been in Venice only a day when we found it. It took us a few more days to discover many of the Biennial exhibitions, which were all about architecture last year. This piece was not part of it.

I find myself at times like these, needing to cling to a physical object. Rather like when the character Laura, played by Julia Roberts in 'Sleeping with the Enemy', swims for her life and is saved by clinging to that buoy out in the rough sea.

I feel the need to give my discovery back again with the pictures I captured. 

This is possibly the last in the turned to stone series.

We found him at night.

We had to return.

The above photo is taken from a-far at the top of the bell tower on Piazza San Marco. 
There he is, standing at the very tip of Punta Della Dogana.

A year later I am disappointed when I google it.

Broken hearted even.

Here is a link to previous editions of the 'Turned to Stone' series...

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